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Tours by Town Car has been operating in Halifax, Nova Scotia for 25 years. During that time we have provided service to a huge number of customers. From locals needing a single ride to the airport to visitors taking tours of stunningly beautiful Nova Scotian shorelines to business people scouting our manufacturing capabilities we have served many different transportation needs for many different types of people from many different places. A common thread though is customer satisfaction. Our guest book is huge. We share a very small fraction of those accolades here.

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Jim Sampson

-Used Jim for many years. Always fabulous service -including one beyond-the-call-of-duty drive to the Airport two days after "White Juan" with the city still paralyized. Many thanks indeed for your Professionalism and integrity.

Halifax, business, airport

Bette Bryan

Thank you for making Mom's 90th birthday trip such a success! She is still talking about it and can't wait to get our pictures developed. She was at church yesterday, and her Sunday School class told her to skip the lesson and just tell them about the trip. That's really something for a Baptist church! She keeps saying that each day was better than the one before, but that she couldn't possibly pick a favorite day. And she keeps raving about your "lobster picnic" at Peggy's Cove. She felt (rightly so) that she and I had a truly unique experience. Thank you so much for that.

And the gift baskets are so nice. We have already started tasting the wonderful maple products - and tonight Dick and I are going to use that Maple butter on some pork chops on the grill. That was such an unexpected and thoughtful gift.

Thank you again.

And thank you for Ken -he was so attentive to Mom and had great sites and activities for us that we didn't even know about. Yes, you were right. He is very knowledgeable of history and has great stories to share. He is a likeable guy. I was thinking that, considering that we spent 6 1/2 days with him, we still liked being with him - which is more than a lot of people can say about their own family! That's really something!

I will be more than happy to be a reference for you and you may quote anything I have said. And you may, in the future, receive a request from a lady in Knoxville whom I met at the airport while waiting for luggage. She had been on a tour bus around Nova Scotia for 1500 miles! When I told her about our tour, she was quite interested. I told her your company name and to google you - and I just think that she will.

Good luck with your business. It has been a delight. You have, from the beginning, been so quick to respond, and helpful with suggestions, and very organized with your accounting. It was "spot on" with what I had "guesstimated" and that was comforting! Your services are well worth any cost involved. You made the trip unforgettable for both Mom and myself.

She said that, if she ever went back -which she would do in an instant -she would only do it if you and Ken were involved.

She said that, yes, she is now very spoiled. Isn't that a good thing for a lady of 90? We cannot thank you enough.

Thank you again, wishing you much success with your business, and best wishes to your wife and daughter, Amanda.

Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, personal, group holiday, touring

Mark & Tish barker

Thank you for a very thoughtful & insightful tour. We couldn't ask for anything more. The lobster was awesome. It was so much fun to tour with someone so knowledgeable and so proud of his home. We wish you all the best!

Ft. Worth, Texas, USA, personal, touring

Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council

Tours by Towncar owner Jim Currie poses in Kilt and all by his signature limousine.

"Jim Currie knows Halifax like the back of his hand. Born and raised in the city, Currie's family roots stretch back for generations and he has links to major historical events such as the Halifax Explosion of 1917. His love for his country, province, and city is palpable - who better to welcome visitors from all around the world?" This quote comes from an article by the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council. To learn a little more about Jim's approach to the tourism business, read the whole article.

Canada, media coverage

Nameson Book

Dear Jim

The best part of Halifax was spending the day with you. You showed us the beauty of what God created here. Your honest personality, sense of humour and knowledge was the best trip I've seen in my travels. Thank you for giving us a memory for a life time. God bless you. Your country is fantastic. Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge. You created a great memory that will fill our heads for many years.

United Kingdom, personal, group holiday, touring

Paul Bakkom

A pleasure to be in your care. When I land at Halifax you are there. At the end of my trip, you are waiting for me at Chester Warf. My confirmation call of appointment time reassures me that I don't have to be concerned at the end of my vacation. This is the fourth year I've been with you... hopefully many more.

Little Tancook Island, Mountain Center, California, USA, business, airport

Sylvain Lacoursiere

Thanks a lot Jim for all you have done for me over the last 2 years. Not only did you provide exceptional transportation services but also made me fall in love with Halifax. I am sad to leave for a new adventure in Montreal but will always keep good memories of Halifax and its people.

...back to Montreal for a new adventure

Montral, Quebec, touring, airport

Nova Scotia Business Inc.

September 30/09

To: Whom it may concern,

My name is Jean Paul Robicheau, Director of Financial Services and NearShore Solutions for Nova Scotia Business Inc. I work wit the investment attraction team at NSBI and it is my job to attract international financial service companies to Nova Scotia to open up operations and create jobs. I'm writing this letter for reference and support for Jim Curry bid to retain his license to provide transport services at the air port.

I can say that I've used Jim's services for the past 5 years to transport my International clients to and from the airport. I also depend heavily on Jim to provide historical tours of our great city of Halifax for these clients. Jim professional approach is second to none and I highly recommend his services. Jim does a great job promoting Nova Scotia and Halifax and provides our clients with a great initial experience as they arrive in the city, many for the first time.

I've used other carriers in the past and none are as dependable and consistent and informative as I've found Jim Curry's services to be.


JP Robicheau

Director Financial Services and NearShore Solutions

Nova Scotia Business Inc.

Halifax Nova Scotia


Halifax, Nova Scotia, Business

Jan & Dave Jaworty

The personal tour is the way to go! Thx to Jim & my NSBI friend Bob for arranging. You'll see places only a native Haligonian would know.

Waterloo, ON, business, touring

John, Rachel, Chris, David, Hayley, Sue, Dorothey, Jill

Jim was great he took us far
In his luxury Lincoln towncar
Travelling around the city in style
It really was worth our while
At Peggy's Cove we had good fun
The water was shimmering in the sun
Thank you Jim for your great tour
We eight Brits will be back for more
Thanks, Jim

United Kingdom, group holliday, touring

Elvira & Stan Leber, Ed & Shirley Rothenter

What a beautiful tour of a lovely place enhanced by the driver -our guide -Thanks

Chicago, IL, USA &, Florida, USA, personal, touring

Bob & Carole Meth

Dear Jim,

Loved the kilt!

What a great, fun filled tour. Thanks for your commentary & fun sense of humour. We had a wonderful time learning about Nova Scotia.

Mission Viejo, Calif, personal, touring

Kim P


Always a pleasure and a countining education. After each trip I feel well taken care of and have learned something new. Thank-you for your thoughtful & personal service.

personal, touring

John W. Ludorice

Dear Jim,

Thank you for all these months driving me to and from the airport. Truly excellent service!

Thank you also for giving my clients a very wonderful time when they take your tours. They really enjoyed the tours, especially the places which are only known to the "true" Haligonians.

Thanks again

business, touring, airport


To Jim & Staff

Your company has been extremely helpful. Its very hard to go to a strange town & and try to find the best tour car. You have made us feel special. Your company has done an exceptional job -great tour Great people -we all had a great time


Greenville, S.C., USA, personal, touring

Dr. Fauzia Khan

Great trip, Learnt many things about Halifax, Nova Scotia & its people. Thanks

Karachi, Pakistanm personal, touring